Worst Best (poem)

I wish I was Electro silk,
I wish I could be as pure as milk,
I dream of galaxies in reverse,
I dream of the curable curse.

Bouncing in the snowglobe,
luminating the dancefloor,
little care with her head in the sand,
‘long as her feet are on the shore.

I wish I was the pretty face,
baby blues and deep pink,
I dream of tomorrows delay,
minds told to think.

Always not reaching the measure,
failing the mirror test,
sour milk and rotten music,
my own very worst best.

Food 4 thought;-

Stop Worrying.
I think one of my favorite things about love or being in love is knowing that it is the most invaluable thing you could ever possess. So if you have to sell your car to pay the bills, or cut back on luxuries just to get by, it doesn’t matter because you still crawl into bed with someone who would still lay there even if it was just a mattress. With springs popping out. Deadly mattress springs and it would still be the best nights sleep in days.
I struggle to understand myself and that’s okay, I’m not a finished book, I’m not a product with an instruction manual. I am learning to accept being human, not having everything and not being everyone, it’s a work in progress. I think humans are so easily warped into drama and lifestyles that we aren’t even living anymore, we are just imitating each other and no one is the original copy. Like, even celebrities use Instagram filters. But even then, why do we live to their standards? “Oh Don’t worry, Kim K doesn’t spent that much on make up”.

Money is the root of all evil. A necessary evil.

If only we stopped trying to impress other people and started making ourselves happy.

For all that I cannot undo (poem)

For all that I cannot undo,
my mechanical cold stares,
with your painted face just for me,
reflecting tears in the window glare.

Where my pride became my sweetheart,
the greatest loves lay in the filth,
and while I polished all arguments won,
there you laid, sacrificed, in cold still.

The fires that scorched your feet-
for a walk in my embrace,
and the ice that numbed your lips,
just to paint your love on my face.

I. just. got. lost.

But, somewhere at the edge of unreal motion,
behind all my tasks,
in pools of despair and
with the characters I become,
a someone to take me for all?
there is one.

Darling, I see you.
No! I feel you now.
I want. to feel you now.

There is no difficulty
in my love for you,
for you are true,
please- love me for the tomorrows I will bring,
and forgive me for all that I cannot undo.

I am the resilient (poem)

These bones wield no magic,
this tongue sings no spell,
no body of brick work-
I am not an impossible mighty.

But, strength is not measured-
in a singular blow,
temprement must outlive-
summers sun and winters cold.

For my enemies of today,
the fallen foe in waiting,
you are not my definitive-
nor impossible, nor all mighty.

The higher the sword you raise,
or bullets that lay in bone,
I am the resilient,
I am my best strength alone.

All might wavers,
all lies come undone,
but resilience is-
second to none.

Grandma’s Brooch (poem)

Your beloved Grandma,
the tales you once spun-
they come undone.
The stories lose meaning,
as her only brooch aquires price,
with such eager intent to sell,
guess your Grandma was not all that nice.

For you see, it baffles me,
how we speak of and sell the dead,
for the living, for the breathing,
The invaluable death-gift treasure-
trade it for the profitable yet utterly
despicable monitary measure.

I know their bones become dust-
but that is the predicament of time not love,
Their valuables, the totems,
how blessed are the future to hold-
the pasts present-
your Grandma’s “mine”.

So, as you flog her very bones,
for cars and holiday homes-
the embellishment bulks the price,
but your human decency and false fondness,
well, if that is for sale-
then it is not worth buying.

Shadow of the heart (poem)

In the shadow of my heart,
a place that tells of lost greatness,
and holds a bittersweet depart.

How the most quiet and most visited darkness,
holds the best light, an eternal flame,
a shadow in my own heart,
every cobweb spun in your name.

In the shadow of my heart,
where nothing ever gets left behind,
to lay in the sheer black,
blowing dust off a different time.

Oh I wonder if there be a shadow in your heart,
a place where your lovers light dims,
where all your wounds take comfort,
and your dreams come to seek refuge.

An eternal yesterday lives in those shadows,
if you need a love that never falters,
and perhaps a chance at a tomorrow,
come find me, in the shadows.

And you fell asleep (poem)

The stars turned inside out tonight,
boarded up all the reasons to glisten-
and packed away all the splendour,
stealing away each and every glory of the night-
in haste, burying all the shine in the thick
and damning sludge of the night.
And you fell asleep.

As my mind catacombed away from all the light,
from my first ever newborn break of day to the-
sunset of my first loves kiss.
Tearing down the sunsets like paper on classroom walls,
my mind ripped apart all my best joys
and the shortcut dreams to good sleeps.
And you fell asleep.

When my eyes squinted at the brightness, bursting, never-
breaking my sealed doors.
Each and every blink, the quickest and cruelest reminder,
of how I must learn to cope with my all of my darkness,
temporary and permanent.
And you fell asleep.