Keep climbing (poem)


Nostrils flare like police sirens in tight alleys,
curves giving the Greeks a run for their-

I feel you first, touch you second,
my body is simply there to witness-
something no hands can fashion.

Still chewing on the eye contact,
a blood drawn back, soaked sheets,
oh ambition, the constant ignition. 

Desire is simply never satisfied,
a mind fixed for a heart betwixted,
keep climbing, 
never be satisfied with reaching the top. 

The art of appreciation (poem)


Your daddy painted your skin with his cigarette,
let me pour my kiss to wash that canvas,
second hand smoke, it is a bullet-
piercing two chests,
misting history with a lovers breath.

Love is the art of appreciation,
for beauty to be found-
despite the yellowing of time,
let affection be your palette,
and perfection will flow
in all you will design. 

Art tells history “no!
you shall not make a sad tale out of me!”
So tell your daddy and his cigarette,
your beauty strives for all the world to see,
that burn, that smoke, that time,
cannot blacken what is destined to shine. 


We used to fly kites,
ride bikes,
we are only kids,

we could never die.

We used to climb trees,
chase bees,
we are only teenagers,
to this world we are free.

We used to smoke cigarettes,
chase highs,
we were adults,
and the world watched us die. 

This world owes you no pity,
there is no apology for your mother,
oh why do we need smoke and liquor,
to enjoy each other. 

At the funeral, they will mourn,
a child whose dreams were torn,
and after the casket is laid,
to the pub they march,
we do nothing by the things we say. 

ideas and music and such and blah


Listening to The Cranberries – Zombie, and the lyrics just made me think, how this song is quite direct about it’s subject matter, the use of the words; bombs, tanks and guns make the song ever more so powerful. Maybe I should be more direct with some words, the visual benefits I believe. 

There is a bind (poem)


It oozes that particular blackness,
with it’s particular sting,
and it’s particular vengeance,
it’s only purpose is to erode the good in everything,

I see the colour fade before my eyes,
consuming the truth, tasting the lies,
the good in the world, it shall never stay,
for the past is a debt collector, you forever repay.

Paranoia is free when happiness is yours,
and they say, there is no such thing as a free lunch,
enjoy it, all of it, while it’s on your plate,
eat up, eat up.

Happiness never follows with freedom of the mind,
once there is love, there is a bind,
are you prepared to be the ploy for someone else’s plans?
Oh you fool, smiling as love ties your hands.

There is still beauty. (personal)


So my girlfriend has been through a lot, like a lot of shit in her past, some stuff I couldn’t even imagine myself surviving. She got self harm scars and scars that you cannot physically see. I love her regardless but, when we go to the beach, and she’s so fascinated by every little shell or every little tide, it really softens me. She is so soft and kind and so fascinated by everything, she always asks me questions and is always keen to know more. 
How amazing it is to be with someone who views the world and all it has to offer in such a positive and refreshing light, someone who has every right to be angry with the world and yet loves it all the more. I never met someone or been with someone who exhibits such innocence and light, she really is an inspiration to me, she reminds me that no matter what you go through, whatever bad experience you have, there is still beauty to.

Yeah, there is still beauty. 

We are not the fire (poem)


This world was handed down to us,
how can we be the degenerates of today,
when all we do-
is undo the damage received,
from those who enjoyed a better yesterday.

Our vision shall be unchained,
the freedom stolen from-
our minds, our schools, our people,
shall be returned by the plentiful,
and our future-
may it contain good morality
and may it be bountiful. 

The lovers of today shall not shake
with the fear of yesterday,
for liberty always awakens,
to rekindle with a new day. 

We are not the fire,
we are not the water,
we are the buildings,
that refuse to continue burning,
and are too defiant to be demolished. 

No more, shall we roast in flames we did not light,
this war, this world, your control and our fight.