Wonder boy (poem)

My wonder boy, with blue in your eyes-
I often recall the night of your first cries,
and I never forgot the first of our goodbyes.

The rubble will pose you with questions-
you may never find the answer for,
but wonder boy, disregard the lies-
just remember the door.

I do not know what you have taken away,
but I hope what is of me, will stay.

What stands between will never wear away-
what stood before,
I still love you wonder boy,
and always more than before.

Nostalgia is a cancer (poem)

I believed you never grew accustomed to the waves
my city could never mold to the way you behave-
only a fool like me would worship your memory like a slave.

Nostalgia is a cancer and coincidences are chemo,
I will align the stars and pray for the universe to follow-
only when you have been full then can you understand a depth so hollow.

I have written your apologies in my day dreams-
in scenarios drenched with silly and sublime,
pathetic has never struggled under so much weight-
oh to carry a love, abandoned by so much hate.

The Acts of Union

I love watching the smoke plume from your lips,
it rises in the air, as my hands gravitate toward your hips-
it is nightfall and we are the lunar eclipse,
our kisses become a one-way rocketship.

Slender and significant, magnetic and magnificent-
so intertwined, our shadows share a holy commitment.
Dulcet tones and hand-pressed tailbones,
there is no pleasure comparable to this when we are alone.

An act historic yet a union so freshly euphoric,
painters and poets choose wisely with their hands,
plume smoke from your lips-
and we shall see where their fingertips land.

Cokehead Collective (poem)

It’s the cokehead collective and the inked up side-chicks,
all destined to be where they are, no doubt about it.
The banter brewery has never sold so much stock,
flogging feathers to every chicken head who wants to be the cock of the walk.

It’s good to have money, but your friends’ money is nicer,
prowling between tables, you white nosed tiger-
can’t tell if you’re my friend or a good liar,
can’t tell if you’re my friend or just the supplier.

The sailors, in chuck taylors,
exchanging favors,
it’s all the same shit-
just different flavours.

Nothing bends a bond like distance and time,
nothing solidifies a bond like drugs and wine,
nothing is a bond if money controls the supply line.

Can’t tell if you’re my friend.

A love sublime (poem)

Dearest, sweetest, oh the loveliest-
the lack of pen; it is not a tale of a love subdued
waiting for the scholars to still define you.
Your frame, the way your words seem to glide-
through my ears, icing my soul and persuading my heart not to die.

There is no other to the feeling of your fingertips dancing on my spine;
I think of no worry, I think of no darkness – hell, there is no time.
The lighthouse, the candle, the sun, the torch, the glow-
how you encompass all this, a mystery a heart will never know.

There is no sweeter thing that the just because,
a love that begs no reason,
a love that abides by no days or time,
our love is just because-
no orchestration in a love sublime.

How does one afford a dream? (poem)

For me, I was blessed not to live poverty-
in the crumble of walls or the vacancy of my belly.
Call it a blessing, call it luck in my favor-
but having the best life was a bet I would wager.

Now reader, please don’t get me twisted-
life was good, there was beauty whenever I was afflicted.
I watched a TV; I surfed and indeed I played,
oh, the little worries of my little days.

I feel poverty now, in the restrictions of education-
in my parents pockets – in the ‘not-hiring,
life is the fire squad which keeps on firing.

What is a loan? What about the rating of my credit?
How does one afford a dream?
Am I applicable to get it?

You have always been yours. (poem)

You have always been yours;
with rings on your fingers and thongs on lovers floors,
caramel eyes, silky thighs
those catwalks on delirious minds.

You’ve had more digits than digestives,
desperate to be that one and only message,
that flashes in the sun rise-
to be forever engraved under your eyelids.

Your heart is in constant dispute-
if being in love is the solution
or if you’ve suckered into an agreement
in which you could lose.

You could have it all
but you want that and more-
you don’t want a lover,
because with only someone else,
you can never quite be sure.